Small Step For Andrew Musgrave – Giant Leap For British Skiing


..and not just British. Not a huge secret that with Alex Harvey retiring , medal prospects of the English-speaking xcski world looked very dim. At least in men’s skiing. It seems, the torch of the world champ Harvey is now in the hands of the man widely expected to be his successor: British-born, Norway-based Andrew Musgrave.

….who himself in post-race interview made light of his 60k C victory at the Blink Skifest today. ” The real challenging races are those in the winter”.

We appreciate “Muzzy” as he’s widely known, modesty, but venture that the victories in the company of reigning world and Olympic champions and medalists can’t be ” not a big deal” . The cross country world now officially has a strong medal contender and, hopefully, big-time influencer on getting more people on skis

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