Random Acts Of Kindness

Here at the Daily Skier we care less about things that you could learn about by watching TV and reading results page on FIS app. We believe that to grow the sport popularity – while keeping you entertained – our mission is to show you what happens behind the scenes.

Like this little episode. In itself not hugely significant, in our book it tells volumes about character of people competing – both those who won and those who didn’t

….Stian Berg falls down at the finish of Kirkebakken Grand Prix …
…he is upset – he won the Grand Prix in Hamar last year. And he’s hurt – fall on the tarmac going some 50 km/h would leave you hurt. But you see those legs in Rossignol boots? …
…Alex Bolshunov who just finished the race on the podium thanks to Stian’s unfortunate accident – on impulse comes to cheer up on the fallen competitor. “Why? Strange question – I simply felt I had to say something comforting to Stian”
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