Swedish Team = Dream Team? A-Landslag Damen 2019/20 In Pictures

A-Landslag Damen better known in English as Swedish National Team, Ladies for 2019/20 has just been announced – and it looks like a Dream Team

Here’s what their current FIS Points standings are – as far as we’re concerned, those are the most objective overall rankings in the world of pro-skiing.

The first figure against their names corresponds to the latest FIS Distance rankings – the second one are the Sprint standings.

The result is stunning: 4 out of 10 best sprinters are Swedish and so are 3 out of 10 distance runners! What happened to the Norwegian dominance that was assumed to last forever?

With both hottest young stars – Andersson, 21 and Karlsson, 19 – it’s now Sweden’s turn to look indomitable in a foreseeable future.

Ebba Andersson, 21 3/121
Maja Dahlqvist, 25 57/3
Charlotte Kalla,31 9/91
Hanna Falk, 29 279/5
Frida Karlsson, 19 10/85
Stina Nilsson,25 14/1
Jonna Sundling, 24 38/10
Evelina Settlin, 26 77/34
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