BMW Cars Fit My Character – Daring And Always Want To Be First

Anna Nechaevskaya does not get a chance to drive very often – but when she does it’s usually a Bimmer.

A 28 year old Russian got her white X4 SUV from team sponsors for her bronze medal at the Olympics 2018. Some of her teammates sold theirs but Anna kept her thoroughbred Bavarian to drive ” rare week when I am home”

Team Russia skiers spend more time away from home than most of their competitors, usually doing training camps or competing in Europe. There is a little time and incentive to get behind the wheel in some remote Alpine village when exercising 2-3 times a day.

At times Anna appears on Insta posts by blue X5M that is owned be her husband & fellow skier Nikita Surkov.

While Anna & Nikita’s preference of Bavarian SUV is quite evident, occasionally Anna gets to be seen by alternative luxury makes

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