Northug’s Top Moments ( Arbitrary Chosen By Us)

August is upon us and Petter Northug Jr. is finally, really, firmly launching his brand.

Yes, we know, we know – technically, it’s Jon Inge Gullikstad and his Brand Assist that are launching sales of Northug-labeled goods.

But we seriously hope that whatever comes out carrying his name ( glasses and gloves to start with), it will reflect one of a kind persona Petter is: mega-talented, mercurial, charmingly non-PC & overall great face of the sport of cross country skiing to the outside world.

We put together a list his special moments for you to remember – or to come up with your own one. Enjoy

1. 2011 “Humiliation” Relay finish, World Championship in Oslo. Who would forget that finish – and ensued media !@#$-stprm, of which the most memorable word, coined by the Swedish reporters, will be remembered in millennia to come: Gris!

2. 2010 “Do you wanna go rollerskiing?” Petter does Las Vegas to play in poker tournament ( winning some $21k!), cruise the Strip and rollerski in a company of Marcus Hellner – all in 105F degrees July heat of Vegas. Epic!

3. 2013 World Championship relay finish. Petter paying up & beating Calle ( Calle!) at the finish line. And young Sergey Ustiugov too

4×10 Km Relay Val di Fiemme 2013

4. Petter being Petter his most Petter-some. Yeah, crass, we know. But so well conveying the feelings of a pro-skier ( and not just skier) stuck in some snowy mountain village for weeks

5. 2015. Winning incredible 4th golden medal of the World Championships in Falun with a last-second spurt at 50k. There were critics of his tactics – well, nothing new – there are ALWAYS critics when it comes to Petter.

6. ” To Brødre Som Ikke Er Brødre ( Two Brothers Are Not Really Brothers)” Epic spat with the Team Norway’s senior manager Vidar Loefshus. Done , among other channels, via social media.


7. 2015 Falun WC Team Sprint. Is it really team sprint? With some 20 second advantage over every other team at the last exchange between Krogh and Northug? Dominant!

8. 2019. Janteloppet “Farewell, Petter!” race with dozens of skiing’s best & brightest stars attending. And, unlike purely sporting triumphs, there is more to come.

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