Belorukova On Altercation With Karlsson: I Do Not Regret What I Did – One Can Not Behave Way She Did In Race

This is the second part of the interview with the Olympics & Worlds medalist Yulia Belorukova.
Part 1 is here

On “kerfuffle”with Frida Karlsson in Canada:
It’s ” Forget and move on” kinda thing now. But I tell you this: I do not regret what I did and would probably do it again in the same situation. One can not behave the way she did in that race.
On Sponsors: I am not prepared to help advertize just about anything – I really need to believe in what I’m promoting. I really enjoyed my relationship with Toyota Russia – they are cool people and I’ve been using a cool car , Toyota C-HR – why, I even learned how to drive to make that collaboration happen!
Favorite competitors? I like Stina ( Nilsson), she always fights fairly on the distance and, of course, is a great athlete, it’s an honor and a pleasure to be competing against her

Therese ( Johaug) is great – amongst other things, she is an example of how to to convert popularity into sponsors’ attention.
On Nikita Stupak, husband:
We are together for the 6th year now and he is, quite simply, the most important person in my life.!
I’m training with Markus ( Cramer) for the fourth season now – and I feel that I’m getting stronger every year, little by little.
I weigh 55 kg. It’s very stable and does not depend on whether I’m in competition season or on vacation, I am never on diet to lose weight.

I’m not getting all that worked up with comments under my social media posts. All in all , I think I banned no more than 10 people
Wasn’t always like that – I couldn’t stand the criticism before – but now I am wiser and I can.
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