Narrow Skis For 1650 Euros On Sale On eBay

Saturdays are for leaping through the pages of , well, eBay trying to find something exciting and ski-related ( which is the same thing, of course)

And guess what? Just found an item worth reporting about:

Cross country skis for 1.650 euros plus charges.

A seller from German Thuringia is asking just that for a truly unusual specimen that we never came across before: Germina Bogner Bamboo

Now, everybody knows Bogner, that epitome of luxury in downhill skiing.

Last season anyone willing to part with her or his hard earned 3000 euros could have had Bogner Bamboo Allterrain downhill skis, “real oiled bamboo wood surface, stainless steel logo, hand-made in Germany”. But that’s common with a cousin of narrow skis, with its eccentric tech and prices.

To pay 1650 euros for a pair of second-hand cross country skis , however, bamboo or not?

The eBay seller brands them as a “collector’s item”. Indeed it might be – but there’s precisely zero information available on Germina Bogner Bamboo. Not even the year of production is specified.

It is quite common , of course, for ski manufacturers to produce small batches of skis with whichever corporate logo customer wants printed on them. But that’s that – different logo printed. In case of “collector’s item” from Thuringia there seem to be a lot more work with all that real bamboo applied on top…

The 205 length clearly points at their initial owner being a rather tall fan of classic style.

The Bogner Bamboos are being sold from Floh-Seligenthal, a town not far from famed Oberhof. No ski brand have undergone as many bankruptcies and rebirths as Germina, but at the height of its production power the Germina factory was indeed located at Floh…

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When these beautiful looking skis were produced, what was the occasion, how many pairs were made?

We’ll try to find out and put out an update. Meanwhile, have a pleasant evening deliberating whether your personal dedication to the great sport might be worth well, 1650 euros.

All photos used are courtesy to their owner & are taken ex eBay ad.

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