Gloves Are For Losers: Brits On Cutting Edge Of Science

Have you noticed?! We did. And ought to share with you as we strive to keep you informed and , well, entertained.

“Gloves are for loosers” says Team GB leader ( there are three of them – and all are leaders, keeping it simple) James Clugnet

The top-secret British research has recently established that running on skis without gloves adds some 5 to 7% to dexterity while reducing airflow around skier’s trunk by a vast, yet to be measured margin.

Note how gloveless motion flow contributes to Andrew Musgrave’s interval speed – while enhancing his facial expressions for the camera ( fringe benefit the scientists are currently puzzled by)

There are also indications that gloveless skiing actively contributes to metabolic processes and even aids to one’s peak power and stamina.

Team GB coach Jostein Vinjerui reluctantly confirmed the veracity of rumors swirling through the skiing community:

– Is that true that you’ve been made privy to hitherto unpublished data on performance optimization achieved through exercising sans gloves?
– Of course! That’s
all I’m authorized to say ATM

Do note that unlike teammates, Andrew Young is seen using gloves! Sources tell us those might be newest LillSport ” Gloveless Effect” gloves developed with leading specialists especially for Team GB.

We shall keep you updated as ever. Your Daily Skier, Friday Edition

Photos are courtesy of Arne Olaf Wagenius, Team GB

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