Ski Fences As Art

Take a look at what people do with old skis.

This work of art, for instance, is to be found in German Oberwiesenthal, one of the world capitals of Nordic combined

… and this one in outskirts of Lillehammer

… the creator of this marvel in Russian town of Borovsk clearly had unlimited supply of old skis

this “fence artist”, however, had to compensate in creativity for what he lacked in numbers.

…Ski Americana at its best

…this artist was inspired by Peltonen ( or had an easy access to produce of thereof)

…sadly, most creators behind ski fence art do not exactly attach plaques with their names to their works hence remaining anonymous. The author of this work of art in downtown Lillehammer is, however, known – it’s none else but Per Wiik, marketing manager & head of racing program of Madshus ( obvious, right? ), that is located in nearby Biri.

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