What You Want To Be Seen In, At & With In 2019

Don’t take the headline too literally. It’s just our way to compile & present latest gear based on the “neweness” factor. But if you friends and strangers alike will effort to stop you on a trail to ask where got that totally cool item – don’t blame us!

Oh – and you won’t see prices and helpful links to re-sellers’ websites. Some of these items are “pro-athletes only”” so far, others are already on sale but you’d have to search & inquire.

The most visually novel item in the whole of cross-country skiing gear world this season thus far: Madshus Redline 2.0 shown here in their Skate iteration. Those are already on sale in limited quantities – check with your local dealer
What could go better with the Redline 2.0 skating skis than the newest Redline boots? Those are still produced in very limited quantities , however. You see one wearing them – you can be sure it’s an athlete of the highest caliber
On the classic side we got the newest entrant from Salomon. These light-blue beauties just started to make their way into the World Cup scene. Here’s the first impression we’ve got from one lucky early user: “The skis integrate structural carbon (just like the skate ski), but only in the tail. It means they kick normally, but feels like there’s a spring behind the kick zone”
Salomon Classics 2019 would match splendidly with new the top-line boots from Salomon – both in color and function.
Getting a possession of 4KAAD Black Code X poles will virtually guarantee you becoming an object of observation and questioning. ” Are they same/better/worse than OW SLG 10″? Laura Mononen ( pictured) would know the answer as she was/is using both this year
These bright-pink gloves are representing a new & ambitious entrant to the field of xcski gear – German W +R. Seen here adorning hands of Yulia Belorukova, first FIS WC Cup winner this season. Need any more reasons to want them?
Meet & greet ThermoSyphon by X-Bionic, probably the most advanced thermo-shirt on the planet in 2019 – and one of the most expensive ( although good luck finding it on sale yet ). ISPO Award Gold winner promises a new level of heating, cooling & de-sweating your body all at once. We are awaiting more details from Italian and Swiss teams that use X-Bionic
Will go well with UA training pants featuring the newest Gore-Tex Infinium material
This is Polar Vantage on the wrist of Egor Sorin, Team Russia coach. You will want Vantage because it’s newest, coolest gadget from iconic Polar
last but definitely not the least: Rudy Project shades presented ( and used) by Johannes Klaebo himself. That’s a huge score in cool-factor in our book thus it ” outcools” all the other great glasses

What’s missing: socks and undergarments. We don’t have enough, well, data to go with and anyways – strangers are not supposed to see your undies, at least not while you’re skiing, right?

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