Rise and Rise of Petter Northug , Skier Who Is Best At Converting His Fame To Fortune

Petter Northug Jr. might have had a rather disappointing last season on the ski trails ( and the recent Blink rollerski festival too) but at least in one competition a 31 year old Norwegian is continuing to dominate the pack. “the Mosvik Express” as he is known to his fans, is chugging along from one financial achievement to the next
According to freshly released data, Petter Northug Holding AS received a profit of some NOK 10.5 million ( EUR 1.1 million) in 2016
Norwegian business publication Finansavisen stresses that it was a record after-tax profit ( 21% growth from the year earlier) for the company that has 1 (one) employee and shareholder – Mr. Northug himself.

A World Cup winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby, by comparison, earned NOK 5.5 million ( 2015 figures) – although comparing the two Norwegian greats is difficult as Sundby earns significant portion of his income through various victory bonuses on the World Cup circuit.

Northug, however, shines when to comes to monetizing his world fame. The lion share of his earnings in the last few years comes from sponsorship agreements, investment in real estate and even giving lectures.

The Norwegian is known to fiercely defend his independence when it comes to sponsorship – a highly publicized battle to keep his personal sponsor Coop that is a direct competitor to the national team sponsor Spar ( both are supermarket chains) led to the country’s best skier being dropped from the squad in 2015 . And when a compromise was achieved, many commentators said was in Northug’s favor.

Northug’s larger than life persona attracts sponsors no less than his sporting successes – A North American commentator once called a Norwegian double Olympic champion and 13 times world champion “a world-class trash-talker”.

He is running a private media outlet TV Sporten better known as “Northug TV”
Here he is, scoring with Spanish ladies on some beach upon declaring himself “world’s best skier” – in Spanish, naturally.

Perhaps, not the best skier right of this moment – but likely the richest.

TOP PHOTO courtesy of Petter Northug’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jantelov1

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