Ski-Perfect Stomach, Spring Edition

It’s springtime, officially, which means the world skiing elites are wrapping up their holidays and returning to the tracks. Mostly, snow tracks, wherever they can be found mid-May.

Some, like A Norwegian Lahti golden medalist in relay, Niklas Dyrhaug, however, appear to be combining work and pleasure, by improving their balance and upper core muscles. There’s a visible abundance of the latter in this photo:

Team Sweden’s Sofia Henriksson expects the viewers to comment on both her V1 and V2 skating technique. A well deserved Instagram Like from us, Sofia!

Meanwhile, a fellow Swede and a member of all-female Team Ski Pro Am, Hedda Bangman, firmly believes that the bikini is the most weather-appropriate training outfit for the May snow in Åre.

Lovise Heimdal, Norway U23 team member, concurs. Løypa in Sjusjøen are very hot indeed around this time of the year, we hear:

21-year-old Karoline Wollan is not in a hurry to put her ski on. Instead she is doing… something on the snow. We are not quite sure what – but 5000 likes on her Instagram account can’t be wrong:

Ditto for a Russian ski sprinter Polina Kovaleva. Those mountains make you fly, Polina!

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No spring training dress review would be complete without the King of Cross Country Ski and, simultaneously, a reigning supremo of social networks, Petter Northug Jr.
Here he is, congratulating everybody on the National Day of Norway, standing on top of Galdhøpiggen, Norway’s highest mountain.

TOP PHOTO Courtesy Instagram kovalevas_polinas

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