Russia Announces Its Squad Selection 2020/21

The Russians have just announced their national team selection for 2020/21.

-It’s one skier smaller in total numbers compared to the last season yet remains by far the world’s largest: 39 athletes in total. Wow!

Yuri Borodavko & Oleg Perevozchikov

-The unique structure of independently operating inner groups remain: those under Yuri Borodavko (10 skiers ) and Markus Cramer (9) have both men and women, the one under Oleg Perevozchikov is men-only. Egor Sorin’s group is considered equal in status, but is composed primarily of U23 skiers of both sexes with two exceptions.

Sedova, Nepryaeva and Belorukova

Get used to two new names: Yulia Stupak and Anastasia Kuleshova. Those are Yulia Belorukova and Anastasia Sedova who both are back to the squad after their maternity leaves ( and changing their surnames to those of their husbands ). Ditto for another new mom, Tatyana Sorina (Aleshina), Egor Sorin’s wife. Elena Ustiugova (Soboleva) didn’t make a selection.

Yana Kirpichenko and bronze medalist of the 2018 Olympics Anna Nechaevskaya were also not included.

New name: Maya Yakunina

Only two skiers: Alexander Bessmertnykh (1986) and Andrei Larkov (1989) are born in the 1980s. The top-level skiing does keep on getting younger.

Last year’s ” family photo”
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