Johannes Bo Talks About How He Spends His Money – And How He Doesn’t


World Biathlon #1 Johannes Bo has got 460k euros from IBU in prize money last year, but that’s a fraction of what he makes from various endorsements.

He is happy to pay ( astronomical) Norwegian taxes and would not consider moving to a more tax-friendly to millionaires locale e.g. Austria the way the previous leader of the world biathlon did. As a consequence (probably ) he couldn’t afford to buy Bjorndalen’s famous camper van.

He also owns a house plus an appartment, flies economy but once spent several thousand euros in one go picking up the tab at a dinner.

He is also not immune to gambling.

All that is in interview Bo Younger gave to the Russian sports channel Match TV. Them folks are consistently and successfully develop profile of the great sport of biathlon and – as a consequence – seem to enjoy the trust of the world’s leading athletes. Talking about money is not the same as talking about race time. We could only applaud – even fifty years ago people would read papers willing to find out ” who’s shirts he wears” – and in our day & age it is almost impossible to avoid
( although many try)

The link is here – give your Russian a test or cheat with Google Translate.

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