Bonés  Graphene,  Non Plus Ultra Rollerskis

Bonés Graphene, Non Plus Ultra Rollerskis

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[caption id="attachment_16308" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Jorge Vidal: Put simply, Bonés Skiroll Graphene are "the non plus ultra " rollerskis...[/caption] Today we share with you our recent conversation with Jorge Vidal, Bonés Skiroll founder & director. What makes them truly unique is that , they are both really flexible and reactive. Why? Graphene! It's a nanomaterial that is 100 stronger than steel and is 20% more flexible to the point of breaking than any other product made with fiber carbon. It's the "wonder material" made of " carbon nets" just one atom thick - yet its virtually indestructible in real life: even a 200kg skier won't break them. Graphene is, as you would imagine, expensive: about €1000/ kg if you order in industrial quantities. The technology is unique and was developed…
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