Bonés Graphene, Non Plus Ultra Rollerskis

Jorge Vidal: Put simply, Bonés Skiroll Graphene are “the non plus ultra ” rollerskis…

Today we share with you our recent conversation with Jorge Vidal, Bonés Skiroll founder & director.

What makes them truly unique is that , they are both really flexible and reactive. Why? Graphene! It’s a nanomaterial that is 100 stronger than steel and is 20% more flexible to the point of breaking than any other product made with fiber carbon. It’s the “wonder material” made of ” carbon nets” just one atom thick – yet its virtually indestructible in real life: even a 200kg skier won’t break them.

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Aug. 1, 2020 #preorder #beready #nanomaterial

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Graphene is, as you would imagine, expensive: about €1000/ kg if you order in industrial quantities.

The technology is unique and was developed by Quionne engineers. The graphene powder is added during the process of molding the resines to the carbon sheets. It has to be a perfectly timed, synchronized process. Just one second of delay would result failure to achieve necessary properties because graphene solidifies very fast.

The lenght of the skis is 575mm between axles, and the weight is 870 gram each /1740 pair with wheels in M size (medium weight skier). S size (featherweight skier) is just 620gram. But the weight is not the most important factor here. The other carbon or composite rollerski absorb energy while Bonés Skiroll Graphene store energy and then return it, spring-like – very much like the most modern top snow skis. That’s what makes Graphene essential: this is the only material capable of storing energy (using Quionne patented FLEX system) without breaking.
More specifically, there are 2 Dynamic Flex Zones close to each wheel. These Flex Zones store skier’s energy . At the same time, flexibility acts as a cushioning system, absorbing road imperfections & giving and athlete a very comfortable ride.

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Aug.1.2020 Bonés Skiroll Graphene #preorder

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To find an optimal ratio between storing/ utilizing skier’s energy while keeping absorbing properties we had to abandon traditional straight shape of the rollerskis and to experiment with their shape until we found what we believe is ideal: 69mm on wider section, and 65mm on narrower.

Graphene rollerskis come in 3 different versions: that that correlate to the flexibility index: S is recommended for skiers up to 55 Kg (those will be available in 2021)– M is recommended between 50-75 Kg (110-175 lbs) — – L is recommended between 70-120 Kg (165-265 lbs). Weight is just a recommendation. Some skiers will like to train on softer Bonés Skirolll Graphene rollerskis so they polish certain technical skills, others choose stiffer to get more of a conventional rollerski feel. Some testers even swapped between two, even three different flexes and used the most appropriate for each workout.

– is the Graphene based on the old Quionne carbon fiber or is and entirely new model?

We are using the same mold, but we worked really hard together with the Quionne team to find the way of how to improve the frame adding the Graphene and utilizing its propirties. It has been long and hard path to get there but now we control both the design and the production ourselves. Another difference with the original Quionne is that we added new bearings and PU wheels with extra long durability made to order by Rollx.

Finally, where are they produced?

At a factory factory that makes highly demanding parts for Boeing as well as for Volkswagen. More specifically, it produces special molds for for the rear part of Bugatti Chiron, the most expensive production car in the world. Our Bonés Graphene are made like 20 meters from that, under the same roof. The factory is just 40 minutes from Bonés headquarters, which is very convenient.

This is an exclusive hand made product, which means that only a few skiers will be able to obtain them, and it will be only under certain conditions. On August 1st they will be available in Scandinavia, and soon a few other countries will be added . But no more this year. Exclusive means exclusive. If you get a pair ,you will feel special.Price range is very simple: same price for every flex version and it’s 599€

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