New  ( Fancy) Poles In Town

New ( Fancy) Poles In Town

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"...Johnny-come-lately The new kid in town Everybody loves you So don't let them down.." We are not entirely sure Don Henley was singing about Nordic ski poles - but he might as well, because it's rather fitting. Two established gear makers have overcome their lingering doubts and are putting on the market true-race ski poles this season. Bones Sport is a text-book story of a company that cut its teeth in mass-market segment and now steadiiy increases quality (and pricetag) of its offerings. Earlier this year the Spanish producer presented Graphene rollerskis - a fantastic piece of engineering with a jaw-dropping price tag (and very difficult to lay your hands on). With Ultron Bolskan the company from Huesca is making another claim to the slice of the premium, race market.…
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