New ( Fancy) Poles In Town

The new kid in town
Everybody loves you
So don’t let them down..”

We are not entirely sure Don Henley was singing about Nordic ski poles – but he might as well, because it’s rather fitting.

Two established gear makers have overcome their lingering doubts and are putting on the market true-race ski poles this season.

Bones Sport is a text-book story of a company that cut its teeth in mass-market segment and now steadiiy increases quality (and pricetag) of its offerings.

Earlier this year the Spanish producer presented Graphene rollerskis – a fantastic piece of engineering with a jaw-dropping price tag (and very difficult to lay your hands on).

With Ultron Bolskan the company from Huesca is making another claim to the slice of the premium, race market. BTW, Bolskan is the ancient, Ibero-tribes name of Huesca. Before Roman invaders stormed & destroyed it some ugh, 2200 years ago, the town was known for quality of its produce, particularly spears – so, here you go, legacy lives.

Ultron Bolskan Specs: 100% UHM (Ultra High Modulus) carbon
26mm max torsion applying 432 N
RRP: circa 200 euros
100% natural cork grip comes expected in this price category.
Similarity in strap looks to certain well-known poles brand is not deceiving. The fans of that particular strap shall be delighted to have them back on the market under different name

Atomic Nordic is not a name that needs much of introduction. Yet the Austrian firm wasn’t all that keen on matching its Olympic gold-winning skis & boots with top poles. Until now, that is.

We find it fitting that the man fronting the new Redster Ultra QRS poles is none other than Toby Angerer, who won his many medals on Atomic ( altough not with Atomic poles, as mentioned above – Atomic didn’t care before). NB: Angerer, who 6 years after his last WC race, is still in fantastic shape, not just promoting the new poles – he worked with Yann Vallet and his Atomic Nordic team on developing them. You might never attain the German’s exemplary technique – but, hey, at least you know it’s not the equipment that is failing you!

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Redster Ultra QRS comes with, as you guessed, QRS or Quick (strap) Release System. Atomic is not publishing the specs but Angerer himself told are “unbelievably good”. They will retail for 229 euros ( RRP)
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