Uphill Sprint 666 Is Next On Ski Tour 2020

You may or may not believe it, but the official length of the Åre ski sprint is exactly 666m.

And it’s going to be hell for all the participants!

Miha Šimenc of Team Slovenia has done Alpe Cermis climb on TdS this year. He reckons Åre will be even tougher

The event is being staged at the downhill ski stadium where recent World Championships was held

Except that in ” our skiing ” the direction is reversed.

Maximum climb: 54 meters .
Total climb :67m
This photo should give you an idea how steep it is
Team Japan athlete’s reaction caught on camera
If uphill skiing is a piece of cake for you, organizers added a downhill section in-between two climbs
No training for athletes the day before the race but some young local skiers did a bit of climbing for TV cameras tests & calibration

The show on Tuesday will not disappoint. But purists might grumble: yet a further departure from what skiing usd to be

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