Here Is To Supersprint

You’ve heard of it by now. You probably even saw it broadcast – either on NRK, SVT or online.

Let us add our two cents and share what we liked about the inaugural ski supersprint

It’s fast. And we are not just talking athletes’ speed. Excluding prologue, the whole race fits inside 1.5 hour. If you, as a television broadcast viewer, prefer any sporting event to last longer you clearly got too much time on your hands. If you are a spectator on the terraces yet want a longer show, then you positively enjoy to be frozen & exposed to elements which we have hard time understanding.

It’s highly visual. There is quite enough drama caught on camera- and even more of it is happening outside the racing ground as tension before the start is rather palpable.

It’s relatively easy to organize and it could be held virtually anywhere ,virtually any time of the year.

The most important thing, it is new and therefore cool in the eyes of the younger generation of skiers. Simply because every new generation wants to find their very special way of being different. And if possible – to get at least some of eldermen annoyed.

To doubters: it’s still very much skiing. Certainly haven’t diverged far from ” traditional” ski sprint. You use the same equipment and yes, you still have to wax your skis. Futsal is still a form of football – just a lot more accessible for most people. And often more fun.

Dmitry Voronin in mock prostration in front of Ragnar Bragvin Andresen who just won bronze. Supersprint is more of show than traditional skiing – and that’s its strength
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