Norwegian Ski Federation Membership Is Declining Steadily

17% down.

That’s by how much the membership in the Norwegian Ski Federation declined from 2012 to 2018, according to NTB news agency via Nettavisen

In 2012, there were 178,091 members, while in 2018 the number dropped by over 30,000 to 147,789.

The silver lining is in the fact that the ski association is still the second largest in the country behind the Norwegian Football Association (that keeps on adding members)

The Norwegian skiing is known for its well developed, robust ski club network- all of which are paying fees to Ski Forbundet, relative to the amount of its members. Clearly, a reduction in membership would lead to that revenue stream drying up quite a bit.

With TV audience figures for the langrenn still high, there is no need to be concerned about financial demise of the Norwegian skiing. Broad-appeal advertisers are crowding to sponsor top-flight skiing and Terese Johaug and Johannes Klaebo are among the most popular figures in the country.

But the trend is nothing but worrying,clearly. If nothing else, for ski gear manufacturers for whom Norway is by far the most important market, especially in top segment.

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