Rollerski Update – News From Top Producers In Our Short Review

Well, you know what the beginning of April means, right?

It’s time to visit your shed/balcony/mom’s attic – and pull those trusted rollerskis out of their storage bags.

If you invested wisely, they might be perfectly ready to roll. Even more, you might even have an emotional attachment of sorts to the particular pair.

For everyone else is this short market review.

Because while you were happily ( snow-)skiing through the winter, certain good folks who make your summer planks were working hard to come up with new models, services, options – anything to make you rollerskiing life better & brighter.

In that vein, let’s look at what’s new and what’s hot:

Finnish stalwart Marwe’s production philosophy is ” if ain’t broken – don’t fix it”. No new models off the production line in Hyvinkää. Which does not mean there is no news to share

Sophie Caldwell of the Team USA has replaced Anastasia Kuzmina ( who’s retiring) as a global face of the company. Caldwell, 29, is not just one of world’s best sprinters – she’s a long ( lifelong? ) Marwe user, so partnership looks very natural

Marwe is also launching a all-new global website that, traditionally, will incorporate full-time online shop.

Good: site is not only flashy but will recalculate the final price depending on what part of the world you want it shipped to i.e. those outside the EU don’t pay Finnish VAT of 24%. Bad: base prices went seriously up. Now famed Universal 800 XC  model retails for 383 euros even before value-added tax applied. Quality costs, quality bites

Norwegian rollerski producer IDT has ace in its sleeve that a few ( it’s a figure of speech – in reality nobody) could beat: they work close together with some of the world best skiers to develop their models.

This spring a long awaited crowning achievement of the said cooperation will hit the shelves: Klaebo Edition Gold, on which Johannes worked personally
IDT is an official partner with both the Ski and the Biathlon federations of Norway as well as Ski Team Russia

Canadian Rollerski producer Rundle Sport is launching no less than five new models – and expanding to Europe. Point of entry – the Norwegian market, the most demanding market in the world. But Rundle appears to be confident – they are official suppliers of the Canadian Ski Federation and get very good press in tests held across the ocean.

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Flagship Flex Classic model promises to “ reduce vibration while providing an outstanding ski-like feel”. It will go on sale in Canada in May for an equivalent of €321 ( that’s before your friendly local customs slap them with your country’s VAT – if you live in the EU) . That puts them newcomers straight into the top league where established brands are playing.

Second-tier ( €224 before tax) Rush Pro appear to be quality aluminum skis aimed at price-conscious crowd. That segment of the market is particularly saturated in Europe so they will be up for a tough competition.

We await confirmations and more details from other rollerskis & related equipment manufacturers – and will keep you updated. Stay with us at the Dailyskier

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