How One Swedish Orthopedic Doctor Enlisted Science To Save Skiers’ Limbs

Many a skier have heard by now of StaffanStaven, shock absorbing poles from Northern Sweden

By placing carefully calibrated springs into carbon fiber tubes that are attached to original poles, StaffanSTAVEN helps to offset unfortunate effects – the price we all pay for our love of skiing on hard surface and, especially, rollerskiing.

Yes, it’s about taking away the pain in elbows, shoulders and wrists – and yes, the StaffanStaven tech works!

A picture is worth a thousand words – while a video is, presumably, worth, ten thousand – so to get a basic concept, please watch this video featuring Dr.Gunnar Winroth.

Winroth, an experienced Orthopedic surgeon, who dealt with trauma most of his career ( and still does – he keeps his medical practice running!) had developed a concept of StaffanSTAVEN shock absorbing poles together with Vasaloppet winner’ 1999 Staffan Larsson.

StaffanStaven means just that – “Staffan’s Poles”

The DailySkier have visited Dr. Winroth at his home, office – and, as it turned, his production base in outskirts of Skellefteå, tidy and utterly Scandinavian town in the north of Sweden – and here is what we’ve seen

Very picture of Sweden
Very StaffanStaven
Dr. Winroth shows his collection of poles with different generations of trademark shock absorbers
Carbon tubes that will house absorbers are made “in house”
Here they are, freshly backed & milled carbon fiber tubes
That’s what the latest StaffanStaven shock absorber looks like
Seen here assembled on top-line Madshus Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM.
Excellent, well balanced combo with very modest weight gain!

Conclusion: if you are an avid (roller)skier but your upper limbs are not quite what they used to be back when you were , ahem, 18 = StaffanStaven will do the job of taking away and preventing the pain from coming back better than shock absorbing ferrules – by far.

An no, you don’t have to be a “seasoned skier” or whatever is the current way of implying that your best Vasaloppet times are, alas, behind you. Elite skiers at the prime of their career use them too to beat that nasty pain.

… Dr. Winroth’s product is popular and sells well – but he is not the man to rest on laurels, so to speak. In his spare time ( how does he even have that spare time between his medical practice and StaffanStaven??!) Gunnar is working on the electronic device he has decided to call The “EffectTechnique” box.

“Never mind the looks – all prototypes look unpolished. Think of what it can do instead
“It measures frequency, intensity, technique, effect and draws a curve that shows force/time in the pole stroke” Gunnar says

Dr. Winroth has promised to write the story of EffectTechnique box for the DailySkier in the near future – and we are massively looking forward to that. Stay tuned!

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