Nordic Skiing in the US: Explosive Growth of Popularity

Nordic skiing is among the fastest growing in popularity outdoor activities in the United States, along with stand-up paddling and BMX biking.

These findings are part of the massive Outdoor Recreation Participation Topline Report, just released by the Outdoor Foundation, a US nonprofit.

Nordic skiing has shown a very impressive steady annual growth averaging 13 % during the last 3 years.

In 2016, some 4,640,000 Americans hit the cross country ski trail compared to only 3,400,000 in 2013 – a rather whopping hike of 40.3%!

Notably, the increase in cross country skiing participation is happening against a backdrop of less snowy winters: a recent Scientific American report declares that “55 percent of the stations showed a decrease in winter precipitation falling as snow”, with Oregon, Iowa and New Hampshire being the worst affected

Perhaps, a combination of better trail grooming and the media reporting on the benefits of Nordic skiing is having its effect on the world biggest ski market? We certainly hope so.

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