Lahti,  Skiing,  COVID

Lahti, Skiing, COVID

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The Lahti Ski Games, one of the most storied stages of the FIS World Cup, feels massively different this year. COVID re-writes the rules in this year of 2021. The organizers do what they can - all arriving athletes, officials and media are subjected to compulsory antigen throat swab with test facility open through the night. [caption id="attachment_17637" align="alignnone" width="1731"] ...the precautions are justified: at least one ahthlete tested positive on arrival to Lahti: first with antigen test, than more precise PCR one. Absolutely asymptomatic, apparently...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_17643" align="alignnone" width="1920"] ...Eirik Nossum, Norwegian head coach has a different story to tell. Or several. For reasons not entirely clear, he keeps on getting false-positive antigen test results. First time it happened the whole team was isolated - but by now the…
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Incredible Story of  Fern Cates & Her  Love of Skiing

Incredible Story of Fern Cates & Her Love of Skiing

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Fern Cates' story is one of a kind. A fourteen year old from Bridgnorth, United Kingdom first found out what cross country skiing looks like watching the Vancouver Olympics on TV. UK's Midlands is hardly a sort of place that is natural habitat of a cross country skier – but Fern had made up her mind. It sounds incredible, but it took Ms. Cates only 6 years from the very first 'taster session' on rollerski as a gift for her 15th birthday to becoming a full member of the Senior British Nordic Ski Team . Together with Andrew Musgrave and Andrew Young, among the others, Fern was wearing Team GB colours at the Lahti World Championships earlier this year. The Daily Skier spoke to Fern Cates about her training, her…
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