Frida Karlsson Is Out Of World Cup Again?


…It looks like Frida is going to miss Skitour2020 – after showing that she is in form by coming 9th. 10k F in Falun.

Now the Swedish media report that Team Sverige doctors are not clearing a 20 year old for the further World Cup race, allegedly.

Why, what, when? No further explanation given.

Love it or leave it, but Frida Karlsson is one of the most important names on the WC circuit: sponsors practically mob her and fans love to see her partake.

Of course, there are privacy concerns when it comes to health issues, but in commercially viable sports there is always an effort to strike balance between athlete’s right to privacy and fans ‘interest (healthy or otherwise) in unveiling the said privacy and getting to know more.

How about a proper , public announcement with indicative timetable as to when Karlsson might be back?

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