Meet Stars Of Tomorrow. Junior World Ski Championships Kicks Off in Lahti

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships kicks off in Lahti on Sunday

We hereby present you some of the stars who are to shine there – and in the world skiing in general.

Note that we don’t use the word “ future”.

Love it or hate it, but cross country skiing is much younger now than it used to be – the men’s sprint finals at the World Cup in Estonia, for instance, featured two athletes who qualify to run in Lahti, but won’t as they are already recognized world’s best at their 22. Not that we need to name – but just in case: Klaebo and Bolshunov.

All on our list bar one already went to compete in World Cup races and some, like Erik Valnes, have made very accounting of themselves already.

The sole non-starter at the WCup races on our list is, of course, Frida Karlsson – the Swedish coaches have decided that a 19 year old is much too young for distance racing yet. We consider Karlsson to be the biggest budding talent there is on this planet and put her on the list without hesitation.

Erik Valnes

Frida Karlsson, Sweden

Alexander Terentev, Russia
Katharina Hennig. Germany
Both Udnes Weng twins were supposed to run in Lahti. Lotta got sick the last moment so only Tiril travels to Finland
James Clugnet, Great Britain

Beda Klee, Switzerland

Hristina Matsokina ( L) and Anna Gruhvina, Russia
Janosch Brugger, Germany
Hannah Halvorsen, United States

Kristine Skistad, Norway

Ivan Yakimushkin, Russia
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