Fredrik Erixon & CCC1000 Take Skiers On Luxury Cruise To SkiErg

If you are happened to be a tiny bit bored with your endless rollerski laps or run-repeat sets, make sure you ask intrepid Fredrik Erixon to come up with something original to prepare you for the ski marathon of your life.

Erixon is a worldwide pioneer of the “executive ski club” concept.

Now he takes his skiers one step further – to the cruise ship, literally, in something called the Baltic Sea & Ski Camp. 

For two days those lucky few who are both willing and able to fork out SEK 1417 ( about 150 euros) will enjoy all on-board luxuries of a floating palace called Viking Cinderella ( and yes, there many – trust us) – and then sweat it all out hard way under the guidance of the CCC1000 head coach Erik Wickström, a world record holder in 24-hour ski marathon
That guy knows how to push himself to the brink & beyond – little doubt that he could push you too!

There will be a lot of SkiErg-ing on that boat, according to program

Do we sound jealous? You bet we are!

But also happy to learn and to convey to you that there are people who work hard to spread a unique joy of cross country skiing to masses. Even if that road to joy goes through a cruise ship weekend.

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