This Was Harder Than Your Usual Effort: Hans Christer Holund Does 204 Kilometers Training Session

One sunny morning (that happened to be yesterday) the reigning world champion in 50k Hans Christer Holund got on his skis and went for a training session.

That went on for 204.3 kilometers. For an average pace of 3.21 min/ km. If that does not impress a skier in you – nothing ever will!

Hans Christer wasn’t alone – a club-mate Johan Tjelle was skiing along and did the same distance. Both run for the metropolitan Lyn Sport club, Norway’s strongest. Tjelle is nothing like a “weekend warrior” himself – in fact, he’s currently 59th in the FIS Distance ratings (Holund is 4th).

Naturally, we felt like asking Hans Christer why? And also How, What etc.

Here, in his own words:

– I was just interested to see how far I could ski in a day 😉 . The plan was 150km, but then it was “only” 50km to 200 😝
– We could haw probably continued longer if we didn’t run out of food and water 😝

-It was skating and some double poling.

– We had some short stops to eat and drink. But we tried to ski “fast and light”, and keep the weight of the backpack as light as possible.

-The Hoka backpack I was using is made for ultra running, but works fine for skiing as well. I drank Fanta and Sponser sport drink and had some candy and a burger left over from the dinner the day before and ate a solid breakfast of corn and bread.

– Used Swix Marathon wax.

– No, I don’t have time for these kind of sessions in a normal season.It takes to much energy.

– How do I feel this morning? Sore 😂

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