New Day – New Strava Record. And By Whom!

With season’s abrupt early end Norwegian skiers have a lot of capacity left, clearly.

Some of them are now engaged in what looks like Citius, Altius, Fortius competition.

Or, at least, Amplius or ” longer”.

Enter Joar Thele.

Thele, 26, runs for Team Ragde Eiendom and twice finished 11th in Vasaloppet – in 2019 and 2020.

The 204k sessoon his Lyn clubmate and world champion in 50k Hans Christer Holund clocked last weekend, clearly felt somewhat underwhelming for a long distance pro.

So he did 321.

That’s three hundred twenty one – read it slowly.

In 18 hours, with elevation gain of some 3000m at the pace most of us would consider to be competition-worth 😱

You think that’s impressive? Wait till you learn who was Thele’s company on mind-boggling 321k track.

Anders Aukland – captain and embodiment spirit of Team Ragd! Can’t but say it – Anders is turning 48 in September.

Aukland also put his Strava track on Instagram and contains additional info we, frankly, did not think even possible. Unless you’re Anders Auklund, clearly: calories burned – 16000.

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