Tigers Are (Sadly) Out,  Snow Leopards Are In

Tigers Are (Sadly) Out, Snow Leopards Are In

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...It's been a month since Thomas Alsgaard have suddenly announced the end of the Team LeasePlan better known as Tigers for their colorful racesuits Now a Russian ski team aims to bring felines back on the skiing trail. Meet Team Snow Leopards. The Russian outfit does not yet have world's top skiers in its ranks, neither does it have a strong corporate sponsor to support its ambitions - yet. They do, however, have an interesting, novel approach to funding and building a community. The snow leopard or  Uncia uncia ( also known as Panthera uncia) is one of the most endangered big cats – only some 4000 to 8000 survive in the wild. It lives in the snowy mountains of Central Asia with their Russian, Siberian population being one of…
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