…Summer Sports Might Be Better Than  Skiing After All

…Summer Sports Might Be Better Than Skiing After All

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...After ruminating at length last week on how cross country skiing is better than summer sports, I came to conclusion that not everything is so clear cut. So, here are my thoughts as to why summer sports could be better than skiing after all. What do you think? 1. Freedom. On our narrow skis, we are tied to whatever trail a snow-groomer laid early in the morning. And we have to make it to that groomed trail first, sometimes spending hours in traffic. In the summer you run wherever and however your heart desires. 2.Post-race/post-training conversation flows oh-so-much-smoother on a balmy summer afternoon than on a cold, dark wintery day. And let's admit it – we are partially in it for a chat with fellow endurance sport fans; and when…
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