Introducing My Sponsors:   Lisa Unterweger

Introducing My Sponsors: Lisa Unterweger

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Continuing "Introducing my sponsors" series. Lisa Unterweger from Team Austria is blessed to have the whole team of supporters behind her: I am very lucky with the team supporting me. There are three main sponsors in the #teamuw, as I call it. Of course the biggest one is my "headband sponsor“ the Olympiaregion Seefeld. Guess there is no further explanation necessary, as we all know it from the FIS Nordic World Championships in 2019. I’ve been cooperating with them for 2 years now and it was a huge honor for me to start at the World Championship at home, with the host as a partner at my side. I was really proud to represent them. But my relationship with Seefeld in Tirol goes far more back than that. In…
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