Nordic Skiing’s Best,  Beach Edition

Nordic Skiing’s Best, Beach Edition

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It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. The Daily Skier went through the social media accounts of cross country skiing stars to report on who-spent-vacations-where. We start with the Beach Edition. Because it's not that often one gets to see the skiers down there. A FIS World Cup winner of the last season Heidi Weng of Team Norge had some waves splashing done at the Patalavaca Beach, Gran Canaria. The Team U.S.A leader and a double medal winner of the World Championships in Lahti Jessie Diggins stays - patriotically - at home – more specifically, at Oahu, Hawaii "We are getting a lot of memories from this vacation!!" says the caption. We take your word for that , Jessie! A double silver medalist of the OG in…
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