Women Of Fashion: Who Is  Most Stylish Skier?

Women Of Fashion: Who Is Most Stylish Skier?

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We did our best already introducing the most fashionable men in skiing. Now it's fairer gender's turn. Compare to men-skiers, who – let's face it – look about the same in racing suits and tuxedos (i.e. strong, fit, muscular, attractive etc.) female skiers'appearance turnaround is rather striking. You may or may not recognize your favorite stars were you meet them on a Friday night event. Cross country skiing as a physical activity is hands down the best way of shaping a human body – and fancy dresses, elaborate hairdos and high heels serve to enhance & highlight it all in the right places. And, yes, to make those with sedentary lifestyle go green with envy. The title of the main fashionista in cross-country skiing goes, in our opinion, to the…
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