Svan VS Northug?  Yep, That’s Possible

Svan VS Northug? Yep, That’s Possible

Leaders, Newsfeed
Two kings of cross country skiing, leaving lasting effect on fans' memories. The hyper-meticulous in his preparations Swede vs...well, you all read his book so you already know how the Norwegian was at times preparing for his. If only we could see them compete against each other! Well, guess what? We could. Soon! Landskampen is back. The first season's featured two countries' best skiers and biathletes and was loved by the public. Yes, the Landskampen viewership figures beat those of all but the most popular actual skiing races. The corona pandemics , clearly, affected the planning & filming of the show's new season. Instead of scenic Greece it will now be filmed in Norway. Says Anders Sæther, Landskampen creator & showrunner: “We all look forward to producing the second season…
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