Katerina Janatova: My COVID  Story

Katerina Janatova: My COVID Story

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[caption id="attachment_17101" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Katerina Janatova, 23, Czechia, currently #17 in the world in FIS Sprint ratings, #47 in distance ratings [/caption] This is the very first known case of Covid in elite skiing. Katerina has agreed to share her personal story here to highlight the fact that some 10 months into the pandemics, nobody still knows how the Covid affects elite athletes' health and performance. In her own words: ...Everything happened quite fast. We were on a camp in Oberhof and I had a training session on skis, where I felt pretty good. During that night I knew something wasn’t right, I started having a fever and a horrific headache. At first I thought it could be from changing temperatures but a few other people on the team also…
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