Most Expensive/Exotic Training  Classic Rollerskis

Most Expensive/Exotic Training Classic Rollerskis

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The classic training rollerskis segment is dominated by solid, time-tested models such as Marwe Rollerski 800 XC Classic, Swenor Fiberglass, and Elpex Evolution. We, however, take a look at what expensive exotics can be found in this most conservative of rollerski sectors. 1. Ski Skett Elite Classic Flex (formerly known as Flex CL) The Italians are world leaders in carbon fiber monocoque manufacturing (Ferrari, Colnago anybody?). Whatever they learned in supercar and superbike production is, obviously, drifting into rollerski making. The first of the two Italian entries on our list is a brightly colored pair from Sandrigo. They feature a carbon monocoque frame - with forks, however, made of stainless steel. Wow-factor: they are bright. Ski Skett is one of the oldest names on the market – they were making…
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