Daily Skier At Oberstdorf  2021: Norway & Fancy Tech

Daily Skier At Oberstdorf 2021: Norway & Fancy Tech

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What Pål Golberg is wearing is a Catapult vest. For the last few years it became an absolute must-have for elite football squads as well as other team sports. As the manufacturer says "..the smart compression crop top features a small tracking pod that packs in GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer. It will record data on distance covered, sprint acceleration, sprints completed and sprint distance. It'll even generate heat maps..." The vest itself is not terribly expensive, under 300 euros - what does cost quite a buck is a development of the sport-specific software. What use does the football-related one has? No, you'd want to have one tailored to the needs of cross-country skiing and, more specifically, Pål Golberg's needs. In Gary Lineker's immortal quote "Football is a simple game. Twenty-two…
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