How to create and publish a post?

Registered users who have the status of “Author” can write, edit and delete their own posts.

To write a post, click on the menu link named “Add New Post” and follow the online instructions to get it published.

It is a good idea to add relevant categories and a “featured image” that will feature prominently on the site’s starting page and in your post. You can also insert photos into the story by clicking the button “Add Media”.

Sometimes authors’ posts need to be pre-approved by moderators before they appear on the site. Occasionally, some posts are subject to post-moderation.

In addition to photos and text, you can add links to YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter and Instagram postings – more are being added. Just copy and paste the corresponding link into the body of your post.

Before publishing your post, check the category, or topic, you think the post should belong to. Editors later can add more categories to your post should they think this will attract more readers’ attention.

Click “Save” to publish your story – and continue editing, if you need.

How to edit my post?

To edit (or delete) your own post, click on the “Edit” link next to the published post and follow the online instructions.

Use common sense.

While editing you can add more content inside your post, fill in the “Excerpt” field with the brief description of your story that you want to appear on the front page, and upload (or change) your featured image that will show next to or on top of the post.

Do I always have to add a featured image?

A featured image makes your story more attractive. But if you have one or several images already in the post, you don’t need to worry about adding a featured image – it will appear automatically. As a matter of fact, this will be the first image in the post. Once the story is published and, if you don’t like the image, you can always change it later by editing your post.

How to find my own posts?

Easy. When hovering with your mouse over the menu link “My Info” (you have to be registered and logged in, of course), you will see several links, including “All My Posts”. Enjoy!

PS. The same menu link hides your profile, avatar other options.