Tarjei Bø went to healer when he felt that doctors couldn’t cure him


“… He pressed his hands and I was filled with a strange feeling. His hands were warm, hot. It hurt more and more , and I saw that he was hurting himself. Then the pain became so great that it felt as if he had cut a knife over my toes and the soles of my feet. He did not hold me hard, but the energy was so enormous. It felt like I was bleeding under my feet…”

Thus speaks Tarjei Bø in the book “Brødrekraften” which Bø has written together with Johannes Thingnes Bø and journalist Lasse Lønnebotn and excerpts from which were published in VG.no on Tuesday.
Elder Bø had TWAR, relatively rare yet stubborn-nasty bacterial disease that conventional doctors couldn’t cure. Hence Bjorn the Healer from Trondelag, ” recommended by someone in Petter Northug’s camp”.

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