No, zip-tie is not new must-have accessory for bindings

Blink Fesfivalen is not just a yet another event on the season’s roster – it’s a bit of a podium walk where one gets to see the very newest in equipment (like prototype ski boots of which later) and trends.

So when many a skier and a biathlete started to appear on the photos from Blink with zip-tie over their bindings, people went talking – we at received dozens of questions and requests for clarification.

Here you have it:

Says Henrik Kvissel, Rottefella manager:

“It’s just a precaution. Simen Krueger’s binding got undone at the start of Lysebotn Uphill race after a little collision with a fellow racer. There is no way to establish with a certainty whether it was a once-in-a-million chance, a fault of a particular binding or whether it simply wasn’t closed properly. To put everyone’s mind at ease we got a box of ty-wraps and started to offer securing the bindings at the start of the races. Some wanted it – others didn’t. I would like to remind everyone that the Rottefella bindings are very reliable and secure, but you have to ensure that they are closed properly, with an audible click ”

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