Yulia Stupak : childbirth gave me extra psychological stability and confidence . Including for photos in bikini on Instagram

Yulia Stupak (Belorukova) is not just one of the world’s top skiers – unlike quite a few (many, alas), a 26 year old Russian is actively and consciously trying to expand the appeal of cross country skiing beyond the tight circle of hard-core fans.
Be it through her marquee dancing on podiums or talking openly about childbearing & rearing for active international athlete.
This is Part 1 of our recent conversation with Ms.Stupak:

“..I’ve achieved quite a bit, won several important medals at a young age. After that I felt it’s time to start a family. My husband is 8 years older than me, he probably felt it even stronger. He told me: ” You are very talented and you are only at the beginning of your sporting career. You should come back to the trails , I will take care of practical aspects of life”. And he does. We are not just a couple – we are a team.

After pregnancy and giving birth you don’t recognize your own body that served you so well thus far – suddenly it’s like “Why am I such a softy, when can’t I do anything? Why can’t I even keep pace with skiers who had a problem holding behind me just a year ago?! ” The comeback is not all that immediate either – when you can’t do weighted dips with, say 15kg, while you used to do with over 40gh – that’s when you start doubting yourself. And then, quite suddenly, it all comes back. But it’s not your old body you get back – it’s a new one, better fit, more happy one, somehow.

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The childbirth gave me extra psychological stability and confidence as well. Yes, it includes photos in bikini on my Instagram. Of course, you get a dose of hate mail along the lines of “you’ve got no breasts, you’ve got no butt…” but I really don’t care in the slightest. I know how much work, how much effort took to shape that body . Some will like it , other won’t – but I am happy with it, live in harmony with it – and don’t mind demonstrating it once in a while!

Social networks affect different people differently. Me? It’s a form of relaxation for me, helps to unwind at the end of a long training day. I don’t employ professional SMMs – nobody can write for me better than myself. No other person can feel my energy, my emotions to relay them…”


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