Pellegrino, De Fabiani To Train With Cramer At Team Russia

Federico Pellegrino and Francesco De Fabiani will join the training group led by Markus Cramer at Team Russia.

The group is led by the German coach contains more seasoned male Russian skiers: Gleb Retivykh, 29, Artem Maltsev, 27, Evgeniy Belov, 30, and, of course Sergey Ustiugov who just turned 29. Pellegrino, 30 and De Fabiani,27 will fit right in. The group also contains an extremely strong 2d coach/ squire Sergey Turyshev who sets the training tempo & leads by example.

The training agreement was officiated by the special agreement signed by the Italian and Russian ski federations.

Two Italians are highly unlikely to see Siberia or even set foot in Russia: most of the training in the Cramer Group is done in the Alps or Scandinavia, Covid situation allowing.

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