World Shall Be Theirs. Soon!

Always fun to onwatch how heroes of the recent Juniors/ U23 World championships make a transition to the Big League, testing their mettle against the leaders of the world skiing.

Several of the young stars were taken to Oberstdorf recently – but either weren’t started or failed to make an impact. Understandably so: when you prepare the whole season specifically for the Juniors’ World, it’s nay-impossibke to be in top form two weeks later – and compete against people who trained to be on their peak at the World Championships.

The FIS World Cup finalé in Engadin is different in tha t sense: Johaug, Diggins, Klaebo and Bolshunov shall still be running over the weekend, but let’s face it – the pressure is not there and neither is leaders’form, probably. What a perfect chance for rested Young Turks to show their teeth, huh?

Hedda Amundsen makes a debut in the Norwegian team – unlike her twin brother Harald, she wasn’t included in the Oberstdorf line-up
Jon Rolf Skamo Hope, another U23 relay gold winner, also debutes as a member of Team Norway. Funny that Gus Schumacher, seen here behind Hope at U23 , is seen a total veteran of the WCup by now
Sophia Laukly has a already debuted in the World Cup earlier this year , but hey – we can’t not include in this review the most talented young skier of the New World, can we?
Speaking of top talents: Yelena Vyalbe throws her most gifted Juniors into the World Cup grinder: Veronika Stepanova (20) and Evgeniya Krupitskaya (18) shall be the youngest starters tomorrow – along with more experienced Helene Fossesholm and Dini Yilamujiang


Lisa Hoffmann was also mean to have to World Cup debut at Engadin but at the last moment has dedided to compete for the overall victory in the Continental Cup. No doubt we shall see the reigning U23 Sprint champion a lot next season!
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