World Shall  Be Theirs. Soon!

World Shall Be Theirs. Soon!

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Always fun to onwatch how heroes of the recent Juniors/ U23 World championships make a transition to the Big League, testing their mettle against the leaders of the world skiing. Several of the young stars were taken to Oberstdorf recently - but either weren't started or failed to make an impact. Understandably so: when you prepare the whole season specifically for the Juniors' World, it's nay-impossibke to be in top form two weeks later - and compete against people who trained to be on their peak at the World Championships. The FIS World Cup finalé in Engadin is different in tha t sense: Johaug, Diggins, Klaebo and Bolshunov shall still be running over the weekend, but let's face it - the pressure is not there and neither is leaders'form, probably.…
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