Daily Skier At Oberstdorf Meet Stars Of Tomorrow

We all want to look into the future. When it comes to the future of skiing – it’s already here, in Oberstdorf.

No secret that elite athlete’s training changed a lot in the last decade. Back in 2011 a picture of a female skier doing a set of pull-ups with weights chained to her legs would baffle, perhaps horrify any coach – now it’s a routine. Champions become stronger, more coordinated – and younger.

It’s not like young talents never made it to the World Championships: a 18 year old Yelena Vyalbe came to the one held in 1987 (also in Oberstdorf) and a 18 year old Therese Johaug even won a medal at her debut. The difference is, back then teenagers were expected to grow and mature through the years – nowadays it’s an immediate future, impersonated.

We are not including into this review 21 year old Patricija Eiduka who Izabela Marcisz are such experienced World Cup athletes by now so hardly coukd be callee new names.

There are several atheletes however, who had their breakthrough at Vuokatti
a few weeks ago and who’s been taken to Oberstdorf on the wings of their success:

Lisa Lohmann more or less clawed her place in Team Germany: it would be nay impossible not to include a freshly minted U23 World champion in Sprint
Monika Skinder is such an experienced World Cup racer that it feels almost off to include her , but at 19 a newly minted U20 champion in Sprint is very much fits into ” stars of tomorrow ” category
Veronika Stepanova,20, secured her place in Team Russia via convincing victory in U20 5K in Vuokatti as well as memorable battle for gold in the last leg of the relay
Karolina Kaleta came 2d in U20 Sprint at Vuokatti
Evgeniya Krupitskaya, 18, took home 2 silvers from Vuokatti and is now widely seen as one of the most talented Juniors on the planet
Quite possibly the youngest athlete in Oberstdorf: Kaya Kukuczka didn’t get any medals in Vuokatti but at barely 18 (turned 18 in December) is seen as another huge talent to grace the world ski tracks
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