Flying Latvian: Patricija Eiduka, 20, Causes Sensation At Davos’s not the first time you see the name of Patricija Eiduka mentioned on we’ve been following the progress of the Latvian skier for some time now. Progress? It’s a leap forward! The last weekend a 20 year old caused quite a sensation finishing at first 18th in Sprint – then 8th in 10k F on Sunday. Just a few seconds behind Jessie Diggins and outpacing too many really strong athletes to count!

We think the star is born – clearly, augmented in that status by the fact that Patricija is from the country that never before produced the skiers of that level ( although several strong biathletes!).

Instead of doing a traditional interview, we’ve asked Patty to write a bit of autobiography so far, stressing what she herself is important – and here it is:

I have six siblings; out of the seven of us, I am the second youngest, and the only girl.

All of my brothers were once cross-country skiers. Some of them quit after graduating high school; one of them is now working at Morgan Stanley! My brother Valts, though, competed in the 2006 Olympics – and my dad was his coach.

In fact, we all started skiing because our dad used to be one himself. When I was 3 years old I always went with my older brothers to training, and I would just walk around and have a good time with my mom or dad. Then, year by year, I started to take part in the training more and more. My dad saw that I really liked the training, and thought I should try cross-country skiing myself. At the beginning, I trained with my dad; then I started to do it with my brothers.

With that training, I was able to get 44th place in the 2018 Olympics and 10th place in the World Junior championship in Goms, which I think is pretty good, given how little snow Latvia gets.

Until 2018 I had only one coach – my dad. After the 2018 Olympics, I got more support, and had a chance to train together with TeamHaanja. This was my first step into professional sport. The year after, Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli and Aleksander Wierietielny agreed to take me into their team. I really like how they work, and how they’ve helped my technique and growth.

Reharding snow conditions, when I was young in Latvia we didn’t have a problem with snow, we had enough, but now year by year its getting worse because of global warming. For example last year I had only one training session in Latvia and this is the reason why I must always be somewhere away from home…

…So here I am, and I am so thankful to everyone who helped me to get better and better.

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