FIS World Cup Makes Comeback On Top Russian Sport TV Channel


Just a few days ahead of the FIS World Cup kick off in Ruka Match TV, Russia’s top sports television channel announced they bought rights and intend to broadcast the entire season of the series.

That’s huge and certainly will find warm response with all the ski gear makers: their winning athletes are now exposed to a new potential audience of some 81 million people , that’s how many “Russian ESPN” reaches.

Match! is a commercial channel that cares about ratings first, second & last: most of their broadcast consists of football, MMA and biathlon, guaranteed audience magnet. Adding xcsiing to that pool implies the bosses of the channel have a faith in narrow skis.

Says Alexander Taschchin, March TV editor-in- chief:

“Cross country skiing is hugely popular in Russia and with progress country’s top athletes achieved in the last few years we felt that our audience would definitely appreciate Match TV broadcasting the World Cup races”

The first televised race is on Friday and it will be live-commented on air by Alexander Legkov.

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