Where Is FIS Nordic Junior/ U23 Going To Be Held After All?


Yesterday we reported that the Italian town of Pragelato will replace Zakopane as the venue of one of the most exciting events of the ski season: Nordic Juniors/ U23 World championships. We did so because FIS official website clearly said so last night, quoting decisions of FIS Council. Easy, right?
Not so fast!
The official press-release that clearly stated that Pragelato, Italy will stage cross-country ski races while Lahti, Finland – the jumping and the Nordic Combined program, seem to have caught relevant folks in Italy by total surprise. No mention of Pragelato on the Italian ski association website as of this writing – moreover, Pragelato/ Lahti was eventually quietly scrubbed off FIS press-release too. Now it simply says “will be finalised in a few weeks “. Of course, we live in crazy 2020 but Pragelato ( if it’s Pragelato) is one of the toughest courses in the whole of the xcski universe – plus, it’s located on altitude of some 1500m. How do you prepare 19-20 year olds to run there in a few remaining months?

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